Air Freight

→  COSCO SHIPPING AIR has established strong business relationships with main airlines operating in China.
→  To ensure timely service, COSCO SHIPPING AIR has in-house branches, warehouses and teams covering main airports in China
→  Our volume ranks in first class in main airports in China.

Sea Freight

→  COSCO SHIPPING, known as the leading company in vessels, owns and controls over 800 modern merchant vessels .Our shipping lines cover over 1,600 ports in more than 160 countries and regions worldwide, and its fleet size ranks the first in China and the     second in the world.
→  Being the largest public shipping agent in China, we also have long-term cooperation with world’s top 20 liner companies.

Road Freight

→  COSCO SHIPPING AIR owned and controlled many kinds of transport vehicles e.g. bonded trucks, refrigerated trucks, flying wing trucks and heavy vehicles.


→  We have built warehousing resources providing ambient, chilled, frozen, dangerous and bonded operations, pre-retailing and a diversified span of value-added services.
→  COSCO SHIPPING AIR has a nationwide powerful warehousing network by operating more than 84,000M2 warehouse.
•  Bonded warehouse
•  Refrigerated warehouse
•  Anti-static warehouse
•  Warehouse for hazardous products(Class A, Class B, Class C and highly toxic product warehouse)
•  Customs supervised warehouse


→Office building

  We have self-owned office building in Beijing with good location.

→Over 30 domestic offices (100% owned) in China

  COSCO SHIPPING AIR provides extensive operations across China with over 30 domestic offices(100% owned)in China.

→Own operation warehouse in main airports

  To ensure quality of service,COSCO SHIPPING AIR has in-house operation warehouse in major airports in China.