According to cargo type, we offer professional supply chain risk assessment, and then integrate the liability insurance and cargo insurance etc. to give you personalized insurance service. We ensure complete security in challenging environments and provide insurance against unforeseen events.

Logistics comprehensive liability insurance

As a leading logistics enterprise, COSCO SHIPPING signed <COSCO SHIPPING comprehensive liability insurance agreement> with the people by the China Property Insurance Company (PICC). For the accident driven by COSCO SHIPPING’s operate miss, PICC is reasonable for the loss. 


→ This insurance is the very first and maximum logistics liability insurance in China.
→ It is an important creativity in insurance area for comprehensive liability insurance in logistics industry, providing a reliable support to minimize our clients’ risks.

Insurance coverage

Limitation of each accident responsibilities

Cargo damage and loss responsibilities

30 million

Extra charges responsibilities

1 million

The 3rd party’s responsibilities

5 million

Loss of logistics services fee

1 million

Freight transport insurance

Clients can buy freight transport insurance in terms of cargo value, characters, and delivery route to keep cargo safe.

Insuring way:

Single vote insurance - you can have the single vote cargo insured according to way of transportation and value of goods.

Buying insurance in a certain period - you can choose to insure goods from COSCO SHIPPING AIR carrier for a specific time period.

COSCO SHIPPING AIR provides fully covered insurance for your cargo. We can evaluate the supply chain risk, comprehensive liability insurance and freight transport insurance in a professional sense, individually tailored to you proper insurance services.