Timeliness is a high priority for ship spare parts transportation, for it usually has strict requirements regarding sailing date. Relying on COSCO SHIPPING Group’s strong resource and good relationship with Customs, COSCO SHIPPING AIR has unique advantages on ship spare parts logistics. So far, COSCO SHIPPING AIR has established long relationship with many well-known domestics and overseas ship owners and agents .


→ Customs clearance and delivery on board

→ Reverse logistics for repair

→ Express delivery for ship spare parts

→ Special materials (e.g. drugs) delivery on board

In 2011, FEDERICA PRIMA, a famous ship company, committed COSCO SHIPPING AIR to deliver cylinder from Dalian to Greece for repair. When the repair completed, the spare parts would be sent back to port of Dalian. Given that the ship only stays 12 days in the port, COSCO SHIPPING AIR designed a comprehensive transportation plan to meet this requirement:QQ截图20151211105055.jpg

1.  Complete the Customs clearance and booking procedure before the ship anchored for exports.

2.  Pick up the cargo immediately after the ship anchored and arrange for the flight in the same day. 

3.  Closely cooperate with our overseas partner and accomplished the transportation spare part 3 days in advance.

On May 2 2013, committed by agent of HLD, COSCO  SHIPPING AIR successfully completed the spare part transportation within 1 day. Ship LEONIDAS only anchored in the port for 1 day. In such urgent situation, COSCO SHIPPING AIR took effective measures to meet the customer’s requirement.