COSCO SHIPPING AIR provides a range of services that help align logistics operations with your business strategies. Our processes, technology and people drive cost and capital out of your operations, ensuring consistent and predictable service in the mean time. We have handled transportation of materials and equipments for over 500 large-scale projects such as infrastructure construction, new energy, mining and oil and gas exploitation.

COSCO SHIPPING AIR is quite familiar with the real logistics environment in China. With COSCO SHIPPING AIR as a partner, your goods will be delivered as safely and efficiently as possible.


l  One-stop project logistics solution design

l  Out of gauge and heavy-lit transportation

Remote locations logistics and route surveys

Assembling solution

Contingency handling

Feasibility studies and risk management

End-to-end logistics visibility

Door-to-Door Transportation of Oversized Goods

COSCO AIR is experienced with large-scale transportation. Since April 2012, COSCO AIR has become a logistics supplier for a Fortune 500 electrical appliance company, taking an oversized transformer export door-to-door service in charge. QQ截图20151211103542.jpg

1.  Multiple transport services including road freight, air freight, train and ocean freight

2.  On-site staff to monitor whole process

3.  Contingency plan to ensure timely delivery


The heaviest Record Created in China

We has successfully completed door-to-door logistics services for 1703-ton hydrogenation reactors, creating the heaviest national roll-on, roll-off and road transport record in a large project in China.


Africa Peace Maintaining Project

We offered safe transnational logistics services for China’s first peace maintain army to Liberia.