Fashion is a fast consuming industry that put time, accuracy, availability and reliability in the first place. As a customs broker with excellent reputation, COSCO SHIPPING AIR provides quick customs clearance service for many fashion brands. Relying on extensive network resource, COSCO SHIPPING AIR offers fast response and qualified transportation service, which greatly promote efficiency and save cost for our clients.


•  Door to door logistics
•  Nationwide Warehousing & Distribution
•  Replenishment, exchange and return management
•  Quality and safety testing
•  Other value-added services:

   → Garment on Hanger

   → RFID Tagging

   → Gift Packing

   → Timely information broadcasting and forecasting


COSCO SHIPPING AIR provides professional logistics services for  a leading clothing enterprise. With standing operating procedure and experienced team, COSCO SHIPPING AIR meets the client’s requirements of timeliness and accuracy.

1.  Professional Customs record service promote the accuracy of Customs clearance even with various SKU and hundreds of HS Code.

2.  Finish exit and entry warehouse within 6 hours. Improve circulation efficiency and save half of time for the client. 

3.  As a pilot in FTA, COSCO SHIPPING AIR customizes the innovative solution for the client.