We know that food delivery must get stringent measures and control such as timeliness, temperature, humidity and storage environment, etc. For instance, the transport of red wine has strict requirements on season, climate, whether to go through equator and other series of standards. Thus, to assure the quality and safety of your products, COSCO SHIPPING AIR will offer full scope of service with experienced team, related operation certifications, strict standard operating procedure and sufficient transportation resources tailor for your demands.


•  Cold chain management

    → We offer multi-temperature solutions for our client. Our cold chain management keeps food & beverage perfectly fresh.

•  Design and optimize logistic solutions
•  Temperature-controlled cabinet
•  Temperature tracking
•  Information trackingt
•  Reverse logistics
•  Sophisticated inventory management

   → First-in-first-out (FIFO), First-expiry-first-out (FEFO)

   → Various warehousing resources such as cold storage and chilled storage that meet TAPA criteria

   → Temperature, humidity control & monitoring devices

   → Self-owned inventory management system

   → Customized reports on product ageing

•  Other value-added services:

   → Gift Packaging

   → Sample Inspection

   → Stamping

   → Bundling

   → Labeling

   → Defrost handling

Since 2012, COSCO SHIPPING AIR has become the logistics service provider for a nationwide famous dairy company by offering warehousing and distribution service:


1.  30,000m2 food warehousing.

2.  Multiple transportation solutions. 

3.  Sophisticated inventory management based on date of manufacture.