With the tremendous economic growth in China, aviation industry has increased dramatically these years. Relying on the preferential policy for bonded warehouse, COSCO SHIPPING AIR has successfully solved a couple of supply chain problems for various customers including aircraft manufacturer, aircraft maintenance companies and airplane spare parts trade companies. In order to minimize time & labor costs, COSCO SHIPPING AIR developed a quick pass system for aerospace spare parts with Customs. With 7*24 hours stand-by service, COSCO SHIPPING AIR provides the best service for clients..


COSCO SHIPPING AIR has extensive experience in aircraft transportation, safety moving items such as aircraft engine, airframe sub-assembly parts, etc.

To ensure the routine work and maintenance of spare parts, we will provide optimized logistics solution with 365*24*7hours service to help you minimize time. 

•  Aircraft-On-Ground (AOG) services
•  Spare parts maintenance
•  Delivery first & Declaration later
•  Complete stock management
•  Constant temperature and humidity warehousing
•  Static-free warehousing
•  Insurance
•  On-site staff

→ Developed unique RFID system with Customs

To solve the problem for spare parts in and out bounded zone, COSCO SHIPPING AIR has developed a unique information system with Customs. Via this system, aircraft manufacture, maintenance and trade companies can get a quick pass and save their transportation cost substantially.   


Innovative   logistics based on RFID

Remote scanning

Intelligent clearance technology   system instead of manual operation

Delivery   first & Declaration later

7*24*365 stand-by


1.  A 320’s door to door service for final assembly in Tianjin.

2.  Components and spare parts of 284 planes from Europe to China. 

3.  Including various kinds of dangerous goods, low temperature goods and oversized goods.