Timeliness and safety is everything in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. You need a reliable logistics partner who puts care in first position when handling sensitive medical devices, modern high-tech appliances and healthcare products. With a wealth of experience in pharmaceutical industry, COSCO SHIPPING AIR makes every effort to ensure the safety of your sensitive products.



→ Comprehensive cold-chain servicesQQ截图20151211101217.jpg

Your products stay at optimum temperatures along the supply chain through strict execution and best practices.
•  Project design and optimizing - multi-temperature solutions from deep frozen, frozen to chilled, air-conditioned to ambient
•  Providing special container e.g. reefer, ambient trucks with temperature control
•  Temperature and humidity control and monitoring around the clock
•  Information tracking
•  Reverse logistics

→ Warehousing & Distribution

COSCO SHIPPING AIR’s warehouse meets the standard of TAPA and GSP identification, including freeze and cold storage with whole anti-pest, anti-rat facilities. Our nationwide warehouse and distribution networks ensure your products are handled and stored to the highest industry standards.
•  TAPA- certified warehouses
•  ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accreditations
•  Multi-temperature warehousing
•  Humidity and temperature-controlled storage
•  Medical tests
•  First-in-first-out (FIFO) / First-expiry-first-out (FEFO)
•  Inventory optimization and management
•  Labeling and sample management
•  Nationwide door-to-door delivery

COSCO SHIPPING AIR handled the export shipment of vaccine by air freight for a top bio-technology company in China. 

1.  2-8 ºC cold-chain delivery with constant temperature.

2.  Professional temperature control box and packing service. 

3.  Different facilities e.g. temperature controller, dry ice, temperature recorder to ensure the status of products.

4.  Temperature feedback all the way to ensure the quality of goods


Since 2010,COSCO SHIPPING AIR provides bonded warehousing, customs clearance, warehouse management and distribution services for a nationwide famed medical company in China. The warehouse type includes:  

1.  Freeze warehouse: 2-~8 ºC;

2.  Chilled warehouse: 8~25 ºC; 

3.  Humidity keeping around 65%.  


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