COSCO SHIPPING AIR has rich supply chain management experience in automotive industry. We are geared to offer you optimized solutions to reduce your cost and inefficiency, clarify processes, improve delivery accuracy, as well as simplify your supply chain. We also establish the excellent process monitoring for both parts and vehicles based on market requirement to reduce costs and inefficiency, clarify processes, improve response time, as well as enhance your competitive advantage in the automotive market. We have professional team and standard operation procedure to provide excellent logistics service for customers.


→ Plant logistics

Comprehensive logistics services for plant construction e.g. large equipment and facilities delivery
•  Door-to-door delivery
•  Warehousing and order fulfillment

→ Inbound logistics

Raw material and finished product always keep the minimum stock. In that case, COSCO AIR supports product line operation, and helps keep the continuous and high-paced mass production. COSCO SHIPPING AIR’s inbound to manufacturing solution set combines a range of services and systems to deliver excellent inbound logistics service, which is based on market demand and final assembly line requirement.
•  Global logistics services for related materials e.g. production materials
•  Domestic delivery for purchasing
•  VMI
•  JIT
•  Warehousing and order fulfillment
•  Analysis & forecasting support

→ In-plant logistics

COSCO SHIPPING AIR’s in-plant services provide the assistance you need to achieve the ideal balance of people, process and productivity throughout your facilities or production process. We establish the connection between your customer’s demand and your product, promote the information flow and production flow, reduce the investment of fixed assets, and response quickly to demand changes.
•  Stock management
•  Packing and sorting services
•  Supplier and logistics management
•  Documents management

→ Outbound logistics

We provide outbound logistics services for raw material and finished products exported from China to worldwide.
•  Privacy for vehicle mode
•  CKD operations
•  Professional package
•  Sea freight
•  Air freight

→ Logistics for vehicle exhibition

With rich operational experiences for years, COSCO SHIPPING AIR has participated in many exhibitions in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Wuhan and Chengdu, providing efficient and safe vehicle exhibition & fair services.
•  ATA clearance
•  Professional exhibition arrangement
•  Exhibition space design
•  Onsite operation
•  Tractor services
•  Vehicle transportation management
•  Reverse logistics

→ After-sales logistics

Recent years, after-sales demand in automotive industry increase greatly. With the help of our dedicated teams, COSCO SHIPPING AIR provides sector-based approach and innovative solutions. We ensure customers receive the highest standard of services and aftermarket support by shortening preparation time, promoting service qualification, and optimizing demand chain.
•  Purchase management
•  Inventory management
•  Cargo distribution and reverse logistics

→ Value-added services

COSCO SHIPPING AIR provides various professional value-added services to increase the competitiveness of your product:
•  Onsite staff
•  Professional packing & repackaging
•  Sorting
•  Labeling

COSCO SHIPPING AIR has successfully operated integrated logistics services for several Fortune 500 automobile manufacturers. Services include transportation from American,Europe to China for vehicles and related parts, samples, test vehicles, concept vehicles and exhibition cars.

- Door-to-door service within 5-7 days, doubles the production line efficiency;

- Harmonize with over 200 overseas spare parts suppliers;

- More than 136 pick-up overseas locations;

- Professional packing services to give real protection for vehicle delivery;

- Be experienced in providing door-to-door logistics service for exhibition cars under highest safety standard and quality assurance,including Auto China,Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition,Auto Shanghai and Cadillac Design & Art Show etc.

  • Vehicle transportation

  • Parts

  • Parts


  • Privacy cars


Professional packing & transportation service


  • Auto China

  • Guangzhou International
          Automobile Exhibition

  • Auto Shanghai

  • Auto Shanghai